Screen Revival Concert

The program „Joe Cocker Screen Revival Concert“
will take you in time to a concert of this unforgetable singer.

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The program „John Cocker Screen Revival Concert“ was created for the anniversary of singers 75th birthday and fifth anniversary of his death.

John Robert „Joe“ Cocker

(*20 May 1944, Shefield, United Kingdom, † 22 December 2014, Crawford, Colorado, USA)

was an English rock and blues  singer whose popularity rose in sixties. He became known thanks to his husky voice, his forced movements during performance, and also thanks to his cover versions of popular songs mainly from the Beatles.

Marian Húževka

The protagonist of this program is connected to Joe Cocker by the following:

  • He too began his musician path as a drummer
  • Both interpreted the cover versions of the songs featuring husky voice
  • Cocker’s first big ideal was singer and bandmaster Roy C,  Marian was similarly strongly influenced by American singer and bandmaster Danton with whom he played for some time
  • The famous singer admired singer and piano player Randy Newman,  Marian found inspirational the works of American saxophone player David Sanborn. Personal meeting and discussion with this genius influenced his approach to work not only in musical fields.